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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Before I even noticed the Alkaloid connection, I was already drawing some sonic parallels to that project.  This is progressive death metal with a similar pacing and guitar approach (like those weird harmonic solos).  Ozz also lists Opeth among the influences for this album, which seems to come through the most on "Dust".  Expect plenty technical hooks and dark atmosphere for days. This is a solid release that makes me hungry for a full length.
- MetalTrenches.com Favorite track: Sepulchre.
Rick Thatcher
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Rick Thatcher As brutal as it is technical. You won't find many more skilled or more articulate players out there. Paul is massively underrated and a terrific guy to boot. Check out his discography.
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This small collection of songs was put together out of a pure love of extreme music.

I started this e.p for myself so I could overcome some hardships in my life; and move on from them. However, I quickly realized it really is for everyone who is going through pain, and who needs reminding of their own personal strength.

This short expression of catharsis is for you.


released July 15, 2016

Paul Ozz - Guitars, bass, drum programming, vocals
Matt Perrin (Threat Signal, AngelMaker) - Solo on 'Carcerem'
Christian Munzner (Alkaloid, Eternity's End, Spawn of Possession) - Solo on 'Sepulchre'
Sims Cashion - Co-writer 'Entropy'
Kendra Tubbs - Back-Up Vocals on 'Dust'
Simon Grove (Nerve Studios) - Mixing / Mastering


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Paul Ozz Music Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Carcerem
In the throes of blissful perdition
I rise to meet the enemies of my soul
Soon they will know the power of spirit
And fire will become the knowledge of all

Calamitous end to a vile beginning
Undeserving of peace
Bound by the hatred of Rot

Seek the means to the end
But never experience the journey

Collapsing infinity
Unholy finality
Anguish and hatred
Shame in understanding

On a stone

Down into the chambers
Of Madness and drought
Death, unholy seat
On their throne

I make this purgatory
A vision of death
On a stone
Track Name: Sepulchre
Stale Memories
The taste of bitterness

Old blight
The mask of a wraith
Now nothing

Terrible howling
Of shambling souls
Lost in sepulchres
Lost in the grove

Haunted memories
Drifting, endlessly

Terrible howling
Of crackling bones
Lost in submission
Lost in the grove

Death on a stone
Track Name: Entropy
You should have let me burn
In the fires of Entropy

Can not be what is left
Of an ever flowing soul

Slave in his tomb
In the temple of Incarceration

There is no Peace
No Sanctuary

No Respite
In this Damning

So that all may be swallowed
As it once was
To Beautiful


You should have left me dead
Under the cursed Sun
Bleak, Anvil of eternity

Corrupting Strife
A Finished Legend

Crackling fire
Burning Eternally
Track Name: Dust
Singularly honest
Drifting, between
Lost realms
Dark days


Let us all embrace you
In conscious mind
Forever Churning


Singularly honest
Waiting, unseen
Dark Realms,
Lost Years,


Let the fall take you,
Universal Mind
At one with Nothing
At one with All


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